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Wishing Peace, Health, and Happiness to you all!


Come visit our cutting flower garden. 

A multitude of blooms await! 

Create a personalized bouquet with as little as

a few stems or dozens of beautiful blooms!

​Currently being re-designed by our resident landscaper.

Re-opening Spring 2023.

​​ naturally grown 




fresh for the

​​​Pick Your Own Bouquet

lay the best


Season your menu with fresh herbs

straight out of the garden. 

Turn an ordinary meal

into a flavor-filled delicacy!

Come pick some today!

2022 CSA

The Dehn Family

"in season"

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Farm Shop


Come take a stroll through the gardens.  Sit for a spell.  Relax, unwind, and take in the views!  Fresh produce, naturally grown, straight from our farm to your table!  We are currently offering a large variety of in-season vegetables, various berries bursting with flavor, an assortment of fresh herbs ready for cutting, and beautiful blooms to brighten your day!  Stop in at our newly renovated shop for various pre-picked produce, handcrafted items, select antiques, or fresh homemade treats!  We hope you enjoy your time on the farm!


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The Herb Garden

​​​​Welcome to Fieldview Farm...



Stop in our newly renovated farm shop!  

Various pre-picked produce available. 

Antiques await as well as handcrafted items.

The Farm Shop is currently still under construction. 

We appreciate your understanding.​​​