About The Country Chicken…

Just over twenty years ago we started raising chickens for fresh eggs and meat for our family.  The more our knowledge of chickens and the poultry industry grew, the more we realized how fortunate we were to be able to raise our own.

So many of us go to the local supermarket for our eggs and chicken, all nicely packaged, and never give one thought to the birds who supplied them.  We never think twice of the unnatural conditions they must endure to produce those products.  Hundreds of thousands of chickens are kept in extremely confined areas.  Most never see the light of day.  Imagine this…a 12” by 18” CAGE, which houses 4 to 5 chickens.  It makes a person wonder if they can even turn around!  This is the sad truth.  These methods and people’s lack of thought have also led to many breeds of chickens (and other types of poultry), to near extinction.

What we are trying to do at The Country Chicken is first to provide others with the opportunity to acquire the farm fresh eggs and meats our family has been enjoying for years now.  Free of antibiotics and hormones!  Second, is to help preserve some of the beautiful breeds of poultry that are in risk of becoming extinct.  This was an idea that originated many years ago in my daughters mind when she was only nine years old.  So, when you purchase our eggs, you are also helping to preserve the rare poultry that laid them!  Today’s poultry industry only centers on high production and fast growth and have no problem pumping their birds full of antibiotics and hormones to achieve this.  Our birds are raised in a more natural environment.  They are free to roam the farm, run, scratch, flap their wings, and lay their eggs in nests, not on wire floors.  They are brought into a safe environment at night to protect them from natural predators or during inclement weather to keep them comfortable, healthy, and happy!  Our meat birds are pasture raised, which gives them the opportunity to supplement their diet with the protein and nutrient rich things nature provides.  We think this method provides a tastier, more tender meat.

We hope you understand that we are in the process of trying to set up the farm and acquire additional stock to make our farm fresh products more available to you.  Some of our products are available now in limited quantities.  Your patience during these beginning stages will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your interest!

 Health and Happiness to All,

                                     Amy and the rest of the Dehn family


 Currently Supported Breeds  

​  Dominiques ** Speckled Sussex

  Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

  Silver Laced Wyandottes

​  Light Brahmas **

​  Black Javas​ ** White Javas

  Breeds Arriving soon...

  Delawares​ **Buttercups ** Buckeyes

  Mottled Javas​ ** Welsummers

  Black Langshans​ ** Cukoo Marans

​  Blue Andalusians​  ** Salmon Favorolles

  Golden Lakenvelders

​  Rare breeds of Ducks and Geese

   currently supported...

   ​Ducks:  Anconas & Silver Appleyards

​   Geese:  Sebastapols ** Toulouse

       Buff ** Pilgrim ** Chinese and

​       Pomeranian Saddlebacks

​  *Please note not all of our breeds lay brown

    eggs.  Some breeds lay white or colored eggs

   but they are still all equally delicious!

Have a favorite breed off of our list above?  Sponsor your favorite breed by "gifting" them a bag of feed and receive coupons from The Country Chicken and Fieldview Farm and other "chickeny" stuff!  We will also include your name in our list of sponsors to show your support.  Check out our Farm Programs page for more info on this program and others. 

This program currently under development

See our link below to access the American Livestock Breeders Conservancy (ALBC)!

The Country Chicken

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The chicken or the egg??​​

​​Daily Performances by...

      Rodney Rooster and

           the Dixie Chicks!

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